Before you ‘poo poo’ a ranch….

We lived in a ranch home until I was about 10 years old.  I’m not sure why, but I always had an aversion to this style of home.  I remember telling my first broker this, and he asked me why.  At the time, I think I said ‘they’re not attractive’ or something silly like that.

It’s funny how things change.  What I’ve come to realize is that ranch homes have many things to offer that other styles of homes usually don’t.  First of all, their footprint is wider, which means they’re typically on bigger lots.  Secondly, they’re predominantly brick homes, which is also a plus.  And…their floor plan makes a lot of sense – daily living is typically on one side of the house, with all the bedrooms/sleeping quarters on the other side.  One floor living also offers a huge advantage.

I know I wasn’t alone in my thinking about ranch homes.  I’ve heard many of my clients say ‘anything but a ranch’.  I do understand this.  There are some disadvantages to the 70s ranches…ceilings are lower and floor plans are very predictable and usually not ‘open’ like many people like. Sometimes people just flat out have a hard time getting ‘jazzed’ about ranches.  With that being said, I wanted to show you the potential of a traditional ranch home….


Example of how opening walls and renovating a kitchen can transform the look and feel.


I just love this….wing was added to give the pool a courtyard feel.


This is good example of how vaulting the ceiling and opening the room gives the space a bigger feel.


This was a listing of mine. It was taken down to the studs and transformed into a modern work of art. Hall was widened and porcelain tile installed throughout the main level.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta neighborhood with ranch homes, Lavista Park is a great one. Merry Hills, Toco Hills, Sagamore Hills, and other unincorporated sections of Dekalb are also good areas to look. I’d love to help you find one!

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